How Is CBD Beneficial For Beauty Care?

How Is CBD Beneficial For Beauty Care?

Cannabidiol CBD

Cannabidiol CBD

Nowadays, cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from the hemp plant is used as an active ingredient in many skincare products. This trend is on the rise as more manufacturers are using it in their product line-up. Besides, CBD is popular among users due to its therapeutic effects and health benefits along with the absence of adverse side effects at normal doses. Also, studies show that it is a more potent antioxidant than vitamin C. In this article, we will investigate how cannabidiol is beneficial for beauty care; read on to know more about this.

The Difference Between CBD Oil And Hempseed Oil

CBD oil or high-grade hemp CBD oil is the most used hemp-derived product for medical applications and therapeutic purposes. Because of its popularity, unscrupulous manufacturers are making substandard versions of it that are less effective or ineffective, and many customers are duped into purchasing them.

Hemp seed oil is produced by cold pressing the seeds of the hemp plant, and it is used in skincare products. It is popular for its moisturizing effect because it is rich in fatty acids. Also, it has high amounts of antioxidants, and this gives it anti-aging properties. However, its CBD content is minuscule or absent.  Also, some shady cannabidiol product manufacturers sell hemp seed oil as CBD oil.

What Are The Beauty Benefits Of CBD?

The anti-inflammatory effect of cannabidiol (CBD) can be useful for treating flare-ups due to psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Also, studies have shown that this can be effective for healing wounds because it shortens the duration of the inflammatory phase, thereby helping in fast recovery from wounds.

How CBD Works On The Skin?

CBD works by interacting with the receptors of the ECS on the skin. Our skin has a high concentration of these receptors. Also, its therapeutic effects are localized because the cannabinoid does not enter the bloodstream, ie it cannot penetrate the deeper layers of the skin when applied in the form of topical products.

Manufacturers increase the absorption and effectiveness of topical  CBD products by combining cannabidiol with fatty or lipid-rich carriers. This is because this cannabinoid is an oil-soluble compound and mixing it in oil can increase its absorption. Also, the addition of certain ingredients can enhance the skincare effect of CBD products.

Keep these points in mind while using CBD skincare products.

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