Guide To CBD Wax

Guide To CBD Wax



CBD wax is a highly potent CBD concentrate. Because CBD wax has a high concentration, it takes only a small volume of concentrate to deliver high levels of CBD and other cannabinoids(if present).

In this article, we offer a complete guide to CBD wax.

The Making Of CBD Wax

The highly concentrated CBD wax with a waxy texture as its name suggests is made using several extraction processes.

Some of the common methods employed in the manufacture of CBD wax are:

CO2 Extraction

It is a highly preferred method of producing CBD wax because of the purity it promises. In this method, pressurized carbon dioxide pulls out beneficial cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes in the hemp plant.

Butane Hash Oil Extraction

In this method, butane is used to pull out beneficial compounds from the cannabis plant. The extraction solvent, butane is left to evaporate producing a highly concentrated substance. As butane is toxic, removing any traces of it from the extract is important.

What Are The Different Types Of CBD Wax?

Here are a few different types of CBD wax.

CBD Shatter: As the name implies, CBD shatter looks like shattered glass. In the manufacture of shatter, heat or chemicals are used to extract oil from cannabis and when it cools, it attains the texture of amber-hued glass.

CBD Budder: CBD budder is made by purging cannabis at very high temperatures at air pressure. The resultant concentrate is reminiscent of butter.

CBD Crumble: The extraction process of CBD crumble is similar to that of budder. However, a pre-purged CBD oil with high moisture-content and viscosity is used in the process. Hence, the consistency of the end product will be more crumbly than CBD budder.

CBD Live Resin: In the making of CBD live resin, fresh hemp is freeze-dried before the initiation of the extraction process. All other types of CBD wax are made using air-dried and cured hemp as the starting material. Freezing hemp preserves more of the cannabinoids and terpenes in it. Live resin is the costliest of all options in CBD wax.

Using CBD Wax

The following are the intake methods associated with CBD wax:

Dabbing: Dabbing CBD wax lets all the contents of the concentrate reach the user’s body in the form of vapors. The content of the vapors then reaches the bloodstream through the lungs.

Vaping: Vaping is another CBD intake method where CBD (and other cannabinoids) are inhaled.

Bong: CBD wax can also be taken with a bong.

Ensure that the CBD wax you use is free of any impurities lest its use could affect your health adversely.

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