How Should I Take In CBD? Concept Of Bioavailability

How Should I Take In CBD? Concept Of Bioavailability

CBD has been furiously making its rounds, so much so that we are hearing of it almost everywhere. From reporters discussing it on TV, to Instagram influencers posing with a trendy sleek metal vape in their hands, blowing out puffy scented clouds. CBD has been shot to global fandom! The reason behind the throngs of followers is obviously due to the many CBD benefits that it boasts for, and the very few CBD side effects accredited to its name. The CBD can curb anything from nightmares to sleeplessness and even life hampering conditions like osteoporosis. But what people don’t understand is that, CBD needs to be taken in the right fashion for its benefits to really shine through! You end up taking it in a manner that may create no sizable effect to your health!

We are here to educate your readers on the proper manner to ingest CBD. So read on…

What Is CBD?

CBD is cannabidiol and belongs to the group of cannabinoids, which is a class of active compounds that you find on extraction of a cannabis or marijuana plant. The CBD is one of the several hundreds of the cannabinoids, with others being THC, terpenes etc.  The CBD can be extracted from another source, namely hemp seed plant.

Ingesting cannabidiol or CBD doesn’t cause feeling of delusion or euphoria. This is a major misconception that is fuelling the stigma against using CBD products. CBD is a non-psychoactive substance. The feelings mentioned prior are due to the presence of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is a psychoactive substance that is non-existent in the CBD isolate form of the extract.

Even in the full-spectrum form, the percentage of THC is below 0.3%. This is not enough to get a grown adult anywhere near to “high”!

How Does CBD Work Its Way Around The Body?

For the CBD to work its magic, it needs to make its way into your bloodstream. The human body or more so, the body of every mammal consists of the Endocannabinoid system or ECS. This is an important system that is responsible for the wellbeing of a healthy adult. The CBD then connects and interacts with the neuron receptors creating favourable effects. There are important concepts you need to understand here:

The path in which the CBD goes through the body is important, and is called the route of administration. This has a direct correlation to how quickly the CBD starts working, how much of the CBD works and for how long the effects of the CBD last in your body.

The process of absorbing the CBD into your bloodstream from the point of application is what you call, Bioavailability. This is given in terms of percentage, and tells you how much of the CBD you took in is actually used for the purpose it was intended for!

Method Of In Take Bioavailability Onset Of Effects Duration Of Effects
Inhalation Very High 2-4 Minutes Up to 1.5 Hours
Topical Very Low 1-1.5 Hours Up to 6 Hours Or More
Sublingual High To Medium 10-15 Minutes Up to 4 Hours
Edibles Low 2 Hours Or More Up to 6 Hours


CBD can be taken into the body by means of inhalation. This includes smoking and vaping. Smoking involves the use of a bong with a nail in a chamber on one end. The CBD extract, mostly in the form of a waxy substance called “dab” is placed on the nail when heated. The contact of the dab with the heated nail causes it to fume, this is then inhaled.

The process of vaping involves loading the chamber with the oil, and then setting the temperature. The heat causes the CBD to fume, which is then inhaled. The bioavailability is very high to mid-levels. The best thing about this mode of intake is that it quickly gets to work (within 2-4 minutes).

Lotions And Creams (Topical Application)

This method is for action on specific sites such as the joint or even the temple during a bout of cluster headaches and migraines. The lotion is applied and allowed to work. Since the CBD doesn’t go into the bloodstream but lies only on the receptors on the epidermis, the bioavailability is very low. Also, because of this it takes longer to get to work (1-1.5 hours).

Oral Intake (Edibles And Sublingual Application)

Sublingual in take is the second fastest method to get CBD into your bloodstream after inhalation. It involves you taking the diffused CBD oil or tincture in a dropper and squirting the same under your tongue. The capillary-rich area under your tongue is apt for entry into the bloodstream. The bioavailability is high (10-15 minutes). The trick behind getting it to work fast is to hold the oil under the tongue for atleast a minute or two. Then it can be ingested.

Edibles in the form of gummy bears can be consumed. This is a discreet way to take in CBD. The bioavailability is however low, and takes longer to work (>2 hours).

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