Figuring Out How Much CBD You Should Take

Figuring Out How Much CBD You Should Take

Health Benefits Of CBD

The health benefits of CBD are widely known nowadays. What most users find hard to figure out, however, is how much of the compound they should take to start seeing the desired effects. To recap, CBD is among 100 active compounds found in cannabis, and is not psychoactive.

Finding The Right Dosage

How much CBD you need to be taking is determined by many factors, including the following.

  • Body weight
  • The condition being treated
  • Body chemistry
  • The richness of CBD present in each pill, drop, capsule, or gummy

There are also other things which should be considered before deciding on a dosage. It is also important to talk to a doctor about any potential risks. It works best if you stick to any recommendation they have, especially if you are imbibing prescription medication containing CBD, like Epidiolex for example.

If you get no recommendation from your doctor, then the best way to proceed is by starting with smaller dosage at the beginning. This could be 20 to 40 mg per day, and then you could raise that by 5 mg each day. Keep this up until you find a place where the symptoms start to go away. If, for example, you start with 40 mg for severe pain, then you should take that amount on the days when the pain is too much to bear. A week in, you can start taking 45 mg of CBD, and then 50 mg the week after. This should make your pain more bearable. Whatever you do, it works best if you track your dosage in a journal, and note down the point where the symptoms start to disappear. There are even phone apps to help with this.

When it comes to some products such as gummies, pills, or capsules, you know going in how much CBD is present in a single serving – this should be given on the packaging. CBD oils usually come in dropper bottles, and the packaging would show the amount of CBD in each drop. All you have to do is calculate how many drops you need. One drop is close to 0.05 mL, which means a 10-mL bottle would have around 200 drops in it. Again, if you are new to CBD and would like to try it, you should talk to your doctor about the effect it could have on your system, and whether it is good for you in the long run.

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