5 Surprising Facts About CBD You May Not Have Known

5 Surprising Facts About CBD You May Not Have Known

Facts On CBD

Facts On CBD

CBD or cannabidiol has been used since 2000 B.C. but it is only now that the industry is starting to grow out of its cocoon and pick up speed. People all over the world have started to accept the natural extract for what it is, and world governments have no option but to heed the voice of the common voter.

Even with the abundance of information regarding CBD available online, there are certain facts on CBD that often get looked over. We shall be taking a look at five such lesser known facts on CBD. Read on…

  1. Royal Families Have Used CBD

As per historical records, Queen Victoria, who ruled England from the year 1837 up to her death in 1901, made use of cannabis so as to bear with menstrual cramps and period pains. Cannabis and the cannabinoids within it are known to be potent, natural painkillers.

  1. Medical Cannabis Was Prescribed In Ancient Greece

A Greek doctor by the name of Claudius Galen often prescribed the use of cannabis juice as a remedy to reduce pain- this is one of the hallmark properties of CBD. The Greek physician, Pedanius Dioscorides, in his documents dated 65-70 CE, stated that “being juiced when it is green is good for the pains of the ears.”

  1. Hemp Is One Of The Oldest Agricultural Crops

Archaeologists have discovered traces of hemp farming as far as 12,000 years ago. The late cannabis advocate and astronomer, Carl Sagan, proposed in the year 1997 that hemp may have been the first agricultural crop that was used by humans- this is yet to be confirmed though.

  1. CBD Can Help You To Recover From Addiction

CBD has been found to act as an inhibitor to control addictive behavior. A study by the researchers at the U.S National Library of Medicine found that CBD is an agonist of the 5-HT1a serotoninergic receptor. This can regulate compulsive behavior and help to improve stress responses. Serotonin receptors play a key role in regulating drug-seeking behavior. CBD can help to dampen the stress reactions that come as a result of withdrawal, which is often a reason for people to relapse.

  1. CBD Can Reverse Brain Damage From Alcohol Use

The University of Kentucky has found that administering CBD has helped to reduce the neuro-degeneration by 48.8%, and this is a promising result for those trying to recover from alcohol addiction. There is proof that cognitive performance can be boosted and recovered steadily over time.

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