Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil

Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil


CBD oil and hemp oil are gaining huge popularity nowadays as more people are recognizing the medicinal properties these products carry. Both these oils are derived from natural hemp plants; however, they are derived from different plant parts. Despite their origin from the same plant, they carry different properties. Hence, it is significant to know the differences between them for selecting the right product for you. Here, we talk about some important difference between them for helping you to distinguish between these products.


Both CBD oil and hemp oil have different benefits and you have to be careful when selecting a product for you. To make the situation worse, many companies that produce CBD oil market their products as hemp oil to avoid problems with the FDA. Hence, if you are looking for CBD oil check the terms like cannabinoids, CBD, hemp extract, etc. If any of these terms are present, then it will be a CBD product.

CBD has a lot of benefits including the ability in relieving pain and inflammation, stress control, curbing depression and anxiety, promoting better sleep, relief from nausea and heart diseases, etc. Even though there is seldom scientific evidence to prove these benefits, people claim that CBD is really effective for curing many of them.

On the other hand, hemp oil is rich with a large number of nutrients such as protein, vitamin E, polyunsaturated acids, etc. It also contains omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids which are considered to be essential for the human body.

The presence of vitamin E make this oil a good anti-oxidant, hence, it can protect your cells free radicals. It is also greatly beneficial for your skin; therefore, it became an important ingredient in many skincare products.


CBD oil is derived from the whole plant, whereas hemp oil is produced from its seeds. Hemp oil is now referred to as hemp seed oil to avoid confusion between CBD products and hemp oil.

CBD oil can be produced from a variety of plant parts including flowers, stalks, etc. It is produced using a process called extraction, where the CBD along with other cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted from cannabis or hemp by using carbon dioxide or any other solvents.

On the other hand, the process used to produce hemp oil is called cold pressing. In this method, hemp seeds will be de-shelled and chilled. After this, they will be squeezed for extracting their contents. Unlike CBD oil, hemp oil is free of cannabinoids like CBD and THC.

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