Lesser Known Facts On CBD

Lesser Known Facts On CBD

Facts On CBD

Facts On CBD

The outright volume of people who are opting for CBD is truly astonishing. The rise in fame of CBD was stunted for the most part during the last century, and it was only in the past decade that major events occurred in favor of the herbal extract. With the industry relatively being in its infant stage, there are many doubts and queries that consumers are having about the supplement; after all, it is not like it has been going on for years and years on end.

The age of easily accessible information means that consumers can now take informed decisions after learning about the ins and outs of CBD, and then figuring out whether it will be of any help to them. The information has helped them better experience CBD therapy. However, there is no shortage of misconceptions and false information that is making the runs around the block. We shall be taking a look at some of the facts on CBD that are lesser-known, and which many of you might have missed out on. Read on…

There Is A Lot More In CBD Oil Than Just CBD

This may not stand true if you are using a pure or broad-spectrum CBD. However, for all other purposes, full-spectrum CBD which is not processed or overly refined has a host of benefits. The CBD is only one of the 100s of active compounds called cannabinoids that are present in the hemp plant. These other compounds include the likes of terpenes, chromenes, CBGA, THC, and others.

The benefits that arise from using full-spectrum CBD is as a result of the ‘entourage effect’. When you take premium full-spectrum CBD products, these other compounds are all present in the mix. The synergic effect that is caused when all of the cannabinoids work in unison is what gives rise to the entourage effect. The total effects of using all of the active compounds are greater than taking them individually.

If you have the option, you should go for Full-spectrum CBD products for the reason that you have more to gain. If you require a higher concentration of CBD in each dose, then pure CBD products must be your choice.

You Can Cook With CBD

You can toss CBD into your dishes and recipes to create delicious hemp CBD recipes. This doesn’t mean that you can use it to grill a mean piece of steak until it is medium-rare. CBD oil is a purified form of hemp oil, and it has a low smoking point of around 3320F. This essentially means that you can’t be too careful trying to fry or sauté foods over direct temperature. If you go beyond the 2200F mark, then the compounds in CBD oil will begin to undergo thermal decomposition, and this causes a fall in its effectiveness. Many of the properties of the CBD oil are lost in the process.

If the CBD product is not decarboxylated, then it makes sense to heat it slightly to ‘unlock’ the powerful compounds that bring in potent therapeutic effects to the user. However, if your CBD is decarboxylated, then heating it further would do no particular good. The best way to go about it would be to use CBD to drizzle on salads and cold cuts. You can use them on recipes that don’t use direct heat such as brownies, soups, and coffees.

You Won’t Fail A Drug Screening While Using Good Quality CBD

To understand the logic behind this, you must first understand what it is that causes one to fail a drug test. The reason why after smoking marijuana, a drug test flags a positive is due to the concentration of THC being beyond the permissible limit.

As your body consumes THC, it coverts it into other compounds that end up being stored in the body fat. This is slowly removed from the body and expunged via the passing of waste. Factors like the amount of fat burned by the body, and the level of THC that stays in your system depending on the time when it was last consumed, decides the quantum of THC that gets detected through a simple urine test. A drug test has a screening threshold, and if the metabolites are beyond this permissible limit, it will show a positive.

Hemp plant or industrial hemp contains THC as well, but the amount that is present in it is less than 0.3% of the dry weight (this is the permissible limit set by the Federal Govt.). The amount of THC in marijuana is a dry heaving 40% of its dry weight!

CBD that is obtained strictly from hemp and processed with strict quality controls and regulations will never flag a positive. This is why you must always get CBD products that are made by acclaimed and recognized CBD manufacturers and suppliers. Even if the cost is a tad higher than the cheaper varieties, remember that you are paying the extra for your health and wellness – both don’t have a limit!

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