Facts About CBD That Will Stun You!

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We have seen how a plant that was not spared a look rose to fame over a few years after it was legalized. There are so many rumors and false information connected to CBD being spread around that leaves us confused. Deciding on whether to buy CBD products or not has become a dilemma because of this misguidance. Here are facts about CBD that will surprise you.

CBD Has Been Around For A Long Time

Archaeologists have found proof regarding the use of CBD for medicinal purposes in 1800 BC in the form of tablets. Moreover, American medical journals from 1700s say hemp seeds and roots are used to treat inflammation and incontinence.

No Proof CBD Is Medicinal

In spite of having plenty of anecdotal evidence regarding the benefits of CBD, we still have not done enough research, and hence, have no solid evidence proving it. Since CBD was only legalised recently, we cannot hold anyone accountable for the incompetence. People have testified CBD has helped cure multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, etc. Studies on animals have shown that it helps nerve pain, diabetes, depression, etc.

Not Certain What You Buy

Buying CBD products in states where it is legal is not as risky as you will find certified dispensaries selling FDA approved CBD products. But the situation is very different in countries where it is still illegal. The product sold might not be of good quality as it is approved by the manufacturer. A study showed that 70% of CBD products bought online do not contain the stated amount on the label. Hence, you will get the best CBD products in stores and in some online platforms too.

Be Ready To Face The Side Effects

CBD has shown side effects in some people. Fatigue, diarrhoea and weight loss have been reported by a few people. So, consult a doctor before you take CBD.

Might Take Time To Show Desired Effects

The form of intake affects how quickly the effect will kick in. Vaping and liquid forms are the best if you want the result to be immediate. Some might even take days or weeks to show results. CBD is available as CBD chocolates, CBD gummies, CBD balms, CBD tinctures.

Will Benefit Your Pets

You can feed your pets with CBD tinctures, capsules and treats to treat anxiety, joint pain and seizures.

It Is Not Addictive

CBD, unlike other opioids, is not addictive. It will not cause any problem when you want to stop the medication.