THC And CBD: What You Ought To Know

THC And CBD: What You Ought To Know

CBD Benefits

CBD Benefits

The talk of the town – Cannabidiol – has been the center of conversation in the past couple of years. Especially with the doors being open to this beneficial natural extract only recently, one is no stranger to the confusions surrounding it. We shall be taking a look into the details that you ought to know when it comes to CBD and its illicit sister, THC.

Being Put In The Same Team

Many of us regard hemp and marijuana to be the same thing, and both of them delivering the powerful intoxicating agent called THC. In science books, THC is what is called a psychotropic – an agent that affects your mind in a direct and extreme way. This is also the same as the street slang of ‘getting high’.

Marijuana was criminalized in the 1930s and was seen as a threat and a menace to society. The idea was ingrained in the mind of the public, with the previous generations completely dwelling on the lie – word for word – that was being spat by the government. On the same end, smoking and alcohol are considered to be different – is a logic that only they can explain.

However, in the case of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the paranoia and extreme anxiety that sometimes occurs when you end up taking cannabis with a high content of THC, is no hidden fact. How does one separate the strains that have low content THC, from the ones that have a higher percentage?

Dropping The THC

Dropping the THC and dwelling in just the CBD benefits is a smarter option. With the recent legalization, it is mandatory for the THC percentage within the hemp plant to not exceed any more than 0.3% of the dry weight of the plant. If you are in a place that has strict laws against THC, then it would make more sense to try out broad-spectrum CBD products.

Without triggering paranoia and anxiety, one can safely stay away from THC and stick to good old CBD. CBD is a calm and tranquil way to treat anxiety, whereas THC can leave you in a whirlwind of emotions that will leave you wide-eyed, with a crazy trip.

People all over the globe are starting to see the benefits of the legal and much more stable CBD. Better to dabble in CBD than to dip both feet into partially illegal and potent THC cannabis. There is no telling how worse it can make your anxiety – roll the dice to find out…

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